Inštitut za napredno upravljanje komunikacij, Miklavž na Dravskem polju (INUK; Institute for Advanced Communication Management) is a new privately owned non-profit research organisation, which was founded in 2012 in order to research and accelerate the development of responsible and accountable business communication models and strategies that are based on the principle of shared value creation. At Institute we strongly believe in concept of shared value, which involves creating economic value (CSV) in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges. Business must reconnect company success with social progress in order to be successful in the future.

Our research is focused on modern marketing and communication models and strategies that support new way of business thinking, with emphasis on co-creation, co-innovation, crowdsourcing, open innovation, marketing research online communities, other engagement models and strategies as well as use of new media for business communication. Institute contributes to the development of shared value business principles in Slovenia and abroad through research, education, consultancy, networking and promotion. Institute is led by Managing Director and Expert Board that is constituted of in-house consultants. The Expert Board’s membership is drawn from experts throughout all of the fields which INUK covers. Through their experience and expertise, they guide the implementation of the Institute’s programs and activities.