EURO - EPS: To encourage European political skills

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The Euro-EPS project is influenced by the debate about the current state of the European Union and its member states, which is currently plagued by several crises (Euroscepticism, populism, nationalism). As this debate normally does not encompass young people with disadvantages, this project tries to foster the skills of young people and at the same time of their teachers and/or trainers. The aim is to engage young people more into this issue in order to enable them to understand the debate and to raise their voice in the current debate.

Objectives of this project:

  1. Strengthening the methodical skills of teachers/trainers working with young people with disadvantages;
  2. Strengthening the civic education skills of young people with disadvantages.

The implementation of the project is based upon 4 different steps:

  1. Questionnaire Development;
  2. Teachers/Trainers Workshop;
  3. Design of innovative materials;
  4. Production of a short Guidebook.


  • CJD Verbund NRW Süd/Rheinland, Germany;
  • Fundacion INTRAS, Spain;
  • INUK, Slovenia;
  • Seurakuntaopisto, Finland;
  • CDE SAP Corse, France.

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